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We want to live in friendship and economic cooperation and not in Brussels Capital dominance of interest and profits. Petition -another Europe-

This is an action of Citizens without any political ties. Signatures will be offered to the European Council of Ministers. It’s a test if they’re going to heed this call.

Stay, the Europe of most Citizens is a bottom-up democracy with a social economy.

Fire the European Commission:

The vision of the European Commission is a dominant top-down State with a multinational/ money economy. Being an undemocratic institute, ignoring human dignity. Operation dominant, destructing regional economies, cultures, employment, law.  (TTip, CETA)

Stop money printing European Central Bank (ECB):

It’s an uncontrolled institute, protecting capital owners, banks.

Why to fire European Commission

The EC is committed to the centralization of power and the standardization of the different cultures, countries. Yet there is a degree of anarchy and austerity because the Member States do not comply with their own agreements.

The European Commission and the European Central Bank are two not democratic elected institutes, it are spurious power blocks. ECB can print money and is not controlled by other institutions. Both institutes behave like an oligarchy, whispered by financial interests and multinationals. (TTip, CETA)

Mr. Barroso, who served two five year terms EC head, is joining the Wall Street bank that, some claim, helped to set off the 2008 financial crisis.

Commercial Banks are saved with tax money. The opinion in order to split banks in a private and commercial part is not followed.
Mr. Draghi dumps Europe into debts. Question: who’s the owner of what is bought on stock markets?

“Starting March 2015 the ECB announced a massive quantitative easing (QE) up to 60 billion euros per month until the end of September 2016, totaling 1140 billion euros within 19 months.”

What the majority of citizens expect

No further geographical expansion untill internal issues are solved.

Personal mandate democracy with clear arguments, checks on integrity.

Always employment in the public sector = a basic income for every Citizen.

More local, regional government services of general interest, continuing education.

Countries are responsible for their own internal household. (Europe is not a patriarchal punishing father)

Splitting of banks, private and commercial.

 Development of human qualities instead of producing consumers. * Freedom, Equality, Reasonableness/ Fraternity.

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